Cancer Researchers

The field of alternative cancer research has greatly benefited from the insight of the following cancer researchers.

Otto Warburg

Otto Warburg, one of the most well-known cancer researchers, discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic. This means that instead of deriving their energy from the respiration of oxygen like a normal cell, they instead derive energy from the anaerobic fermentation of sugar. 
•  Otto Heinrich Warburg

Keith Brewer

A. Keith Brewer was a cancer researcher who studied effects of cesium, potassium, and rubidium salts on cancer cells in his paper The High pH Therapy for Cancer Tests on Mice and Humans. 
•  A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D.

H.E. Sartori

H.E. Sartori used cesium chloride along with additional support supplements and a nutrition regimen for terminal cancer patients. 
•  H.E. Sartori

David Gregg

David Gregg was an independent cancer researcher who wrote The Proposed Common Cause and Cure for All Forms of Cancer.
•  David W. Gregg, Ph.D.

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