Cesium Chloride and the Budwig Diet

High pH Therapy using cesium chloride requires following an alkaline style diet along with a daily supplement protocol. The alkaline style diet is very similar to the Budwig diet in that it requires eating more vegetables and fruits, including organic chicken, fish and lean meat in moderation, and avoiding all sugar and processed foods altogether. The main difference is that the original Budwig Protocol is based around a combination of highly unsaturated flax seed oil, freshly ground flax seeds, and the unsulphurated amino acids found in Quark (a cultured dairy product).

The Budwig Diet anti-cancer protocol was created 65 years ago by a German scientist named Johanna Budwig. She based the Budwig Diet on her research into the connection between oxygen and cancer, and the theory that a low oxygen environment would encourage the proliferation of cancerous cells. The goal of Budwig’s diet protocol is increasing the body’s absorption and utilization of oxygen to allow cancer cells, which have converted from normal aerobic oxygen respiration to anaerobic fermentation, to start “breathing” again – a processes known as “alkalizing”. The Budwig Diet is most effective when used in combination with alkalizing minerals such as cesium chloride as a part of the comprehensive High pH Therapy protocol. The Budwig Diet and High pH Therapy protocols work well together and share the same goal of increasing oxygenation in the body to address the low-oxygen acidic environment that is a hallmark of cancer cells.

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