Kill Cancer Cells The life and death of cancer cells


Cancer is characterized by proliferation of abnormal cells which multiply out of control, reproducing for no obvious reason. These cancerous cells are not receptive to the normal signal to stop reproducing and this unchecked growth spreads through the body, interfering with the ability of cells, organs, and other structures to perform their normal functions.

There are many forms of cancer that affect the human body. Carcinoma cancers affect the tissue that covers internal organs. Leukemia cancer grows in blood-forming tissue. Sarcoma cancers affect the blood vessels, bone, fat, muscle and other connective tissues. Lymphoma cancer starts in the cells of the immune system and then can spread to other parts of the body.

This website contains a collection of cancer information excerpts from various internet sources detailing the life and death of cancer cells.

Cancer Researchers
•  A. Keith Brewer, Ph.D
•  Otto Heinrich Warburg
•  H.E. Sartori
•  David W. Gregg, Ph.D.

High pH Therapy
•  Cesium Chloride
•  Potassium, Germanium, and Rubidium
•  pH Testing
•  The American Cancer Society on Cesium Chloride

•  Defeating Cancer-Related Fatigue
•  Prostate Cancer Health
•  Viruses and Cancer
•  The Proposed Common Cause of All Forms of Cancer

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